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Michael Filipiuk
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Hey, Bojan and Michael here 👋

We’re incredibly happy to finally present you our UX/UI workbook 🎉

In this workbook, we’ll design an app together, from scratch. It’s an app that lets the user take care of their plants and track their growth . Even though we're designing a mobile app, the things you'll learn will also apply to web design.

We’ll cover both the UX and UI parts.

And guess what… you’re involved! That’s right. It’s a workbook, so in many places inside it you’ll find places to add notes and answer various interesting questions. This way, you’re not only consuming, but also creating.

We’re going to explain every single decision we made during the design process. Designing great UX and UI requires a lot of brainstorming - after all, it’s all about making good decisions. That’s exactly what you’ll learn with our workbook. Of course, that’s not all…

📚 Here’s what you’ll learn:

👉 In-depth explanation of the UX Design and UI Design process, from scratch to a beautifully designed app;

👉 How to brainstorm like a pro and make better decisions;

👉 Everything you need to know to create interfaces that aren’t only usable, but also clean and aesthetically pleasing;

👉 How to turn your thoughts and ideas into wireframes, and then wireframes to beautiful UIs;

👉 How to think like a designer and make better decisions.

👋 This workbook is for you, if:

👉You want to become a better UX/UI Designer;

👉 You want to improve your UX and UI Design processes;

👉 You want to learn how to convert your thoughts into detailed wireframes, and then wireframes to clean screens;

👉 You want to learn how to make better decisions during the design process;

👉 You want to gain confidence in your skills;

👉 You need a kickstart in your career, even if you start from zero.

🎁 Awesome free bonuses included:

🎨 A unique UI Kit, made out of the components from the app that we’ll be designing - it will never be released anywhere else, valued at $19. (Figma only)

📕 UX Buddy workbook - that's right, as a bonus you're getting a previous eBook released by Bojan! Valued at $15.

💬 Frequently Asked Questions

- How is it different from your previous eBooks?

Bojan's first workbook 'UX buddy workbook' focuses on the UX design whereas our new workbook explains both the UX and UI design decisions. Also, the new workbook is much bigger as we guide you through the entire user flow.

Michael's first eBook 'UI Design Principles' focuses mostly on principles and rules of UI Design. In the new workbook, we guide you through the whole process in a specific app project.

- I'm a complete beginner in UI/UX. Will this be helpful?

Yes! Our workbook is written in a way that is easy to understand even for complete beginners. That being said, if something will need clarification - you can always email us.

- I already have a few years of experience. Will this be helpful?

We're strong believers that everyone is a lifelong learner. Even though some things might already be obvious to you, we're sure you will still learn new stuff.

- What if I don't like it?

Our main goal is to help you learn, so if you won't like the workbook, we will refund you the full amount. This applies only to people who pre-ordered it.

- Can I cancel my pre-order?

Yes, you can cancel it before the offical release date (June 26th, 2021).

🌱 How the UX/UI Workbook was born

After seeing massive success of our previous eBooks (UX Buddy Workbook by Bojan, UI Design Principles by Michael), we were both positively shocked. We received countless messages from people saying that these books helped them improve their skills, elevate their designs to the next level, and even gain new clients or land their dream job.

We’re both highly motivated to provide the biggest amount of value that we possibly can. Even though our previous books were already comprehensive, you won’t find the knowledge included in this one anywhere else. This book contains our unique processes, and we want to share them with you.

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UX/UI Workbook [eBook]

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